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Activities > Biking

Sanibel Island Bicycling

My absolute favorite activity on Sanibel is bike riding. With 26 miles of paved bike paths, Sanibel's bicycling is both fun and safe.

Sanibel has done an exceptional job of maintaining and improving the bike trails. Over the many years I have biked there, I have seen lots of changes to the paths, including moving some of the paths away from the roads to make them safer, patching and repairing holes, and painting lines and warnings in certain areas. The island obviously takes the bike paths seriously, and people show their appreciation by riding in large numbers.

The paths stretch, literally, from one end of the island to the other, covering all points in between. You'll find trails that lead to the lighthouse, public beaches, restaurants, shopping, the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and more.

The main road, Periwinkle Way, has a bike trail right next to it, making all the shops and restaurants accessible by bike. Many places have bike racks to make parking your bike easy.

There are a couple of bike rental places on Sanibel. I have always rented my bike from Finnimore's and appreciate their friendly service.

I have also made videos of some of my favorite spots on the bike trails.

Sanibel Island Bike Trails

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